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From the Editor.........

2/5/09- Been making updates to many pages, with many, many photos to be added soon.
Pages Updated:
-Home Page
   *News Post
-Editor's Desk
   *Update Post
- Upcoming Events
   *Next meeting info and Logging Conference info added

9/26/08- Been working o n various page. Computer is having some issues so I have not been able to upload photos to our web host server yet, but within the next few days I hope that problem will be fixed.
Pages Updated:
-Home Page
     *News Post
-Editor's Desk
     *Update Post
-Upcoming Events
     *New Events Posted, Including Next Meeting Info
-Boulder Creek and Western Railroad Page
     *Updated railroad info added
-Rick and Joyce Zell's Railroad Page
     *Fixed photo arrangement
-Sierra Cascade Logging Conference 2008
     *Desciption added to page
-SGRS at Turtle Bay
     *Updated description with correct dates
-Dan Markham's Photo Page
     *Fixed Link
-July 27,2007 Module Workday
     *Added photo decriptions
- Movie Clips
     *Changed Link size and text to movie pages from the past 3 years
9/12/08- It has been awhile since a last big update, mainly due to me being extremely busy. However I found a bit of free time lately and added quite a few photos to Dan's page and a couple other member's layout pages as well. Be sure to check those out.

7/18/07- New photos and videos from Dunsmuir Railroad Days will be added to the site over the next couple days. Hits on the site are still going up. As always I am looking for suggestions to make the site better. Feel free to send me an e-mail if you would like.

6/1/07- New pictures added to Mike Evans layout page on the members layout section. Also a couple new videos. New videos should be coming soon as well!

4/6/07- Lots of new pictures and videos. Be sure to check those out. SGRS members, more pictures are greatly appreciated!

2/19/07- First major update of 2007. We now have additional disk space so that means more photos are on the way and we have plenty of them! Major improvements will be happening over the enxt couple weeks so keep checking in for new stuff!

12/15/06: In order to decrease our disk space usage, I will be going through and deleting photos, then re-sizing them, and putting them back on their orginal page. So for the next week or so, you may see that some pictures on some pages are missing. This is just me working on them. I will only do this when I have time too, so you will not have to wait a long time (i.e. 1 or 2 days) before you see the photos back up again. Our club has also agreed to purchase additional disk space, but so we are gaurenteed to have lots of space availible, I am going to go ahead and start this process. Thank you for everyone's cooperation and hopefully it will be finished as soon as possible. If you have questions, please send an e-mail to me (webmaster) Thank you!

10/16/06- Over 1300 visitors! Website continues to grow. SGRS members, we can always use more pictures!

9/10/06- Pictures of Union Pacific 3985 and Dunsmuir Railroad Days uploaded this morning. Over 1,000 hits!!

9/2/06- I have just finished about 2 hours of work on the website. LOTS of new photos so check those out! A lot of work scanning them, naming them, re-sizing them, uploading them to the Tripod server, and placing them on the page. But it was all worth it, so enjoy!

8/31/06- The website is doing well, and we are just under 800 hits. Pictures of Hayfork have been put up so check those out. And soon to be added, pictures of: Whimsical trains, Boyd and Nora Hammars railroad, and SCRPS unloading at Fawndale. SGRS members, if you would like to contribute photos, please send an e-mail to the webmaster. Thanks to everyone for their continued support!

8/26/06- We are getting close to 700 hits! This is great. Also check out the latest additions to the Member's Layouts page.

8/11/06- The SGRS website has over 530 hits! We are doing great and we have goten a lot of positive feedback on the new site.

Attention SGRS Members!: Please check your inboxes for an e-mail requesting photos and information on your railroad for the website. Please e-mail a reply as soon as you can.

8/3/06- The SGRS website is doing great with over 400 hits already! Thanks to all the members who provided photos and information. You guys are the people who are making it a success, I am just putting it together for you! Also be sure to check out the history page updated this morning.

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